Mission & Vision Statements

Public School 146M

421 East 106th Street
New York, NY 10029
T-(212) 860-5877  F-(212) 860-6078

Dr. Mona Silfen, Principal
Mr. Daniel Cortes, Assistant Principal

Vision Statement

Our vision statement  is to promote an inclusive learning environment that supports and celebrates the growth and progress of the whole child within a diverse community.

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is that we will achieve our mission through implementing a rigorous Common- Core aligned curriculum to meet the needs of our diverse learners. Our Pre-K to grade 5 students will achieve success through the implementation of the workshop model, academic streaming, and quality questioning and discussion techniques.  We will support our students through after-school programs, one-to-one tutoring, extensive partnerships with outside agencies, as well as varied health services in a school building that is fully accessible to all. The school, home, and community will work as a team to ensure that each child is working to his/her full potential both cognitively and socially now and in the future.

Theory of Action

If school leaders engage in cycles of observations that focus on developing pedagogical practices that emphasize higher order thinking questioning, then teachers will be able to design tasks and lessons that incorporate higher order thinking and questions so that students will have opportunities to experience rich discussions that will improve reading comprehension.


Section 5A – Framework for Great Schools Element – Rigorous Instruction: Instruction is customized, inclusive, motivating, and aligned to the Common Core. High standards are set in every classroom. Students are actively engaged in ambitious intellectual activity and developing critical thinking skills. (Aligned to DTSDE Tenet 3: Curriculum Development and Support)

By June 2018, 90% of pedagogical staff will connect their teaching to higher order thinking for their students through questioning and providing opportunities for rich student to student discussions that will help to improve comprehension skills as measured by Measure of Teacher Practice (MOTP) and Fountas & Pinnell comprehension reading data.

Section 5B – Framework for Great Schools Element – Supportive Environment: The school establishes a classroom and school culture where students feel safe, supported, and challenged by their teachers and peers. (Aligned to DTSDE Tenet 5: Student Social and Emotional Developmental Health)

By June 2018, incidents involving students that are categorized as Levels 3, 4 or 5 infractions will decrease from 60% to 50%.  This will be evident by the results of June 2018 OORS report.

Section 5C – Framework for Great Schools Element – Collaborative Teachers: Teachers are committed to the success and improvement of their classrooms and schools. They have the opportunity to participate in professional development within a culture of respect and continuous improvement. (Aligned to DTSDE Tenet 4: Teacher Practices and Decisions)

By June 2018, 80% of teachers will be effective and/or highly effective in Domain 3 of the Danielson Framework, as measured by Measures of Teacher Practice (MOTP)

Section 5D – Framework for Great Schools Element – Effective School Leadership: Principals lead by example and nurture the professional growth of teachers and staff, developing and delivering the instructional and social-emotional support that drives student achievement. (Aligned to DTSDE Tenet 2: School Leader Practices and Decisions)

By June 2018, 85% of teachers will receive an effective and/or highly effective rating in advance due to Professional Learning Communities and Teacher Team work.

Section 5E – Framework for Great Schools Element – Strong Family and Community Ties: The school creates a welcoming environment for families and takes advantage of community resources to enrich the civic life of the school. (Aligned to DTSDE Tenet 6: Family and Community Engagement)

By June 2018, 80% of parents of students in Grades K – 5 will have attended a minimum of 2 teacher-led workshop sessions that will inform parents of the instructional practices, i.e. mathematics and literacy, that are used at PS 146M.  This will be evident through the collection of attendance sheets and end-of-workshop surveys, and the results of the 2017 – 2018 NYC School Survey.

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