Vision, Mision & Program Plan

Vision Statement
We believe that each child can be educated to the fullest of his or her ability to become self-motivated life-long learners who use information efficiently. We believe students can achieve this goal through participation in our effective library program, which incorporates collaboration between the library media specialist, teachers, students, parents and the community.

Mission Statement
The library program at P.S. 146 encourages students’ cognitive, creative and social growth so that all of the students at our school can meet standards of excellence. The program gives students the opportunity to access a variety of resources for information from varied perspectives, to judge the value and validity of that information and to know when and with whom to share that information. Students are encouraged to learn that information can serve many purposes and can be shared in many forms. We aim to develop and encourage a love of literature offering students a wide selection of materials and the opportunity to pursue their interests.

Library Media Center Program Action Plan
The plan details how members of our school community will work together to bring PS 146’s library program vision and mission to life. The library advisory team has worked together to establish goals and objectives for the improvement of the library media center’s program. The plan includes an outline of the strategies that have been chosen to meet these goals, a suggested timeline for the accomplishing these goals and what will be used as evidence of the attainment of these goals.

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